Today, it is mentioned that the annual traffic of 30 million people going abroad within the scope of health tourism in order to receive quality health services with more affordable prices and shorter waiting periods. Health tourism expenditures in the world are expressed as approximately 500 Billion Dollars.
In order to reach 2023 goals, our country aims to receive 10 billion dollars of revenue with 1.5 million health tourists.
Our country has an important geographical location with 4-hour fly to reach 1 billion people and 57 countries. Our country can be mentioned as one of the best health tourism destination with Turkish Airlines which has the flight for 120 countries,299 city and 302 airports. In recent years, our country has been offering high quality health services to its citizens thanks to the quality health services it has reached through the Health Transformation Program, and it is rising to the top rank among the most preferred countries in the world with its rapidly developing health tourism potential. Our aim is to meet the demands of those who want to receive quality, fast and effective health care services in the most successful way, especially in the countries of the region in our close neighbourhood.
To make shining star positioned Turkey one of the most preferred countries in health tourism, our work continues, addition to the highly qualified human resources specialized in the medical staff in our health facilities, its geographical structure, seasonal advantages, quality health service provision, world-class technological and medical equipment, competitive advantage compared to Europe, the world's leading thermal underground resources, and the young and dynamic population  which is rapidly increasing and normally elderly population increasing the world also with traditional Turkish hospitality.


Our company has intensified its efforts in order to reach the 2023 targets of our country and has determined its strategic objectives regarding health tourism as below:
Creating a top brand for promoting health tourism in our country in abroad and making strategic advertisements and marketing,
Signing agreements with foreign government agencies and insurance companies,
Effective promotion and professional operation of the Health Tourism Web *Portal, where general introduction of health tourism of our country and services provided by health institutions are introduced, patient guidance and reservation opportunities provided through the portal,
Establishment and implementation of promotion and mediation model for public hospitals, especially city hospitals,
Facilitate and extend the “health visa” application for international patients and their relatives,
Regulation of service delivery and standards in the field of health tourism,
Coordinating information, incentives, authorizations, audits, complaints, records and statistics related to health tourism by a single authority that called USHAŞ,
Establishing an information infrastructure for patients arriving as health tourists and monitoring their complaints and satisfaction,
In order to establish elderly care villages and cure centres in geriatrics, conducting joint projects and implementing pilot projects in this context,
Increasing the number of health thermal tourism enterprises and implementing pilot projects within this scope.
The target countries determined according to certain criteria within the framework of these targets are as follows.
We are continuing our efforts to establish Health Tourism Coordination Offices and Advanced Diagnostic Centres in these target countries.
Health Tourism Coordination Offices:
It is designed as connection and coordination offices that can be directed to the right address in our country according to the needs of the patient and that introduces the health system of our country in the best way.
Advanced Diagnostic Centres
Will be able to perform small surgical procedures including advanced medical devices and equipment for advanced diagnosis, hospitalization procedures with not exceeding 24 hours and referral procedures in the hospitals in our country by pre-diagnosis; It is designed as health centres that can provide patient follow-up and ambulance services after treatment.


In 2018, 551,748 patients received health services within the scope of health tourism and tourist’s health. Patients from abroad who has received health services in Turkey by countries which is the top 3 are respectively; Azerbaijan, Iraq and Germany.
When we look at the cities where mostly foreigners prefer to get treatment are İstanbul, Ankara, Antalya, İzmir, Erzurum and Yalova.
In 2018, tourism revenues from foreign visitors for health and medical reasons and citizen visitors residing abroad is US $ 1,110,843 thousand.
In the first half of 2019, Syria, Iraq and Azerbaijan are the top 3 countries where Turkey has received patients from.