Determination of minimum service delivery standards of health services provided at international level within the scope of international health tourism and tourist health, authorization of health institutions and intermediary institutions that will operate in international health tourism servicesand the Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist Health, which regulates the procedures and principles regarding the supervision of these activities, are carried out by the Ministry of Health. Within the scope of the mentioned Regulation,

108 public health facilities
568 private health facilities
23 foundation university hospitals
25 public university hospitals
77 intermediary companies

in total, 801 health facilities and intermediary institutions were authorized. (As of 18.10.2019)

In addition, our company is authorized to issue a certificate of authorization to institutions operating in the field of international health services in accordance with subparagraph a of paragraph 2 of Annex-2 of the Decree Law No. 663, and we keep on working on it within this scope.

Please click here for the current status of the health facilities and intermediary institutions that have been entitled to receive international health tourism authority certificate.